Sanam Dhanani: Art & Design

I am an artist, graphic and interior designer by profession. Follow my journey to see my works of art.

As a young artist I am still experimenting with all styles of art and play with different mediums.
personal favourite being acrylic paints. I like to have my art to be abstract as I want the person viewing my work to have different opinions and thoughts. Most of my canvases are created with textures of acrylic paints in combination with other materials. I also like to try new techniques in the art world, such as; paint pouring, resin art etc.

I not only paint but love to create crafts out of used items or objects lieing around the house. My current project is decorating used wine bottles. These are nice to use in home decor and also as a gift for a family or friend. Creating beautiful pieces on the wine bottle is an art itself, painting or spraying them, sprinkling some glitter, also items such as match sticks, loose colourful buttons can be used.

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