Art Attaché Articles Guide

Contribute to Art Attaché Articles easily with this guide

With Art Attaché writing an article is easy and anyone who is a member of the site can contribute what they want, when they want as long as it some relvance to the arts.

1) First things first, click on ‘write an article’ which can be found under the ‘News’ dropdown menu.

Art Attaché Articles Guide

2) You are now able to write your article, simply add your title and your written content and you are good to go!

3) If you want to add photos or videos within the body of your article, press the + button that will appear to the left of your cursor.

Art Attaché Articles Guide

4) Make sure you save as you go by pressing the blue ‘Save’ button and if at any point you want to preview what your article will look like to the public, click the blue ‘Preview’ button. The final two buttons are the blue ‘Publish’ button and the ‘More Actions’ Button

Art Attaché Articles Guide

5) Under the more actions menu, you can:

  • Add a category for your article
  • Add tags (which are more specific and you can add whatever you want)
  • Add a feature Image (This is the cover image for your article)
Art Attaché Articles Guide

You see it’s that easy!

We can’t wait to see what people come up with. Happy writing!

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