A New Year’s Eve to Remember

On the 31st of December 2020, London once again ushered in a new year, but this time introduced multiple new locations to the fireworks show as well as a surprise drone show. This event and show really spoke to the nation, using this opportunity to reflect on the year and present a much-needed message of hope and optimism to usher in 2021.

Viewed by over 10 million people, this special New Year’s Eve broadcasted show took the place of the annual fireworks display whose format had to be altered due to the limitations and restrictions caused by Covid-19 and the need to stay at home.

After a challenging and frustrating year for everyone, this new take on the end of year show was a welcomed treat that not only put smiles on people’s faces but was empowering, meaningful and emotional. 

A New Year's Eve to Remember
NHS Tribute

The unique 10-minute show, spanning across the o2 arena, tower bridge, London Bridge and Wembley Stadium was energetic, exciting and unifying. I believe that altering the format and including new areas represents the resilience and adaptive nature that many have expressed this past year, facing against all odds, pandemic and more. In my eyes, this was the ultimate unifying moment, a display of the true, positive character of the nation, one that I think had been on the decline this past year.

A New Year's Eve to Remember
Black Lives Matter Tribute

The show paid tribute to the year’s definitive moments, highlighting the role and significance of the NHS, the Black Lives Matter movement, and the impact this pandemic has had on everyone. Above the O2, the drone display consisted of 300 unmanned drones flying in a coordinated fashion. Equipped with LEDs, the drones flew in flocking and swarming forms creating a series of images to reflect 2020, including paying tribute to the NHS, Captain Sir Tom Moore and Black Lives Matter and sending a message love and togetherness for 2021. Drone light shows differ from fireworks displays in that drones are reusable, and do not produce air and noise pollution. 

A New Year's Eve to Remember
Captain Sir Tom Moore Tribute

Rainbow fireworks lit up the famous Wembley Stadium arch, while further fireworks were fired from Tower Bridge. The whole event was accompanied by a playlist of music, poetry, news clips, and messages to keep with the style of the capital’s traditional New Year celebrations.

A New Year's Eve to Remember
Wembley Stadium

London’s most environmentally-friendly New Year’s Eve event to date also looked forward in hope to the new year, concluding with a message from Sir David Attenborough combined with images of a turtle and the Earth about the importance of our planet and the opportunity for change in 2021.

“We showed how our capital and the UK have made huge sacrifices to support one another through these difficult times, and how they will continue to do so as the vaccine is rolled out… Let’s use 2021 as the year to make a change, to make sustainable choices, and all play our role in helping our planet.”

– The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan
A New Year's Eve to Remember
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