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Social learning is central to the mission of All Access Arts. 

We strongly believe that in order to truly make the arts and humanities more accessible, change and innovation needs to be addressed at an educational level.

We have created an educational platform that is fundamentally inclusive, affordable, and accessible to anyone, no matter your location, or your background 

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All Access Arts is the new home for the arts and humanities online. At its core, All Access Arts is a social network tailor-made for our diverse community.

Interact with other like-minded people, students, academics, and industry-leading experts. Express your creative potential, your authority on a particular topic, and your narrative. With All Access Arts, you get to be part of the conversation and have your voice heard.

Our goal is to bring together a global arts community within a universal online platform to make art more accessible. We strongly believe that accessibility starts with open conversations, sharing narratives and embracing perspectives. 

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